It was at Jacob’s Well where Jesus met a certain Samaritan woman who had come to draw water for her thirsty body, but left having received the Living Water that could quench her thirsty soul. From that day on, she believed and turned to Christ to satisfy her needs. While every person should be able to identify with the Samaritan woman’s search for satisfaction, specifically each girl who comes to Jacob’s Well in Peru is constantly looking for someone to care and love them, but their search is in vain as each time they try to find and draw water on their own, their bucket comes up empty. Our desire is that each girl that comes to Jacob’s Well will also leave with the soul-satisfying living water of Jesus Christ.


Jacob’s Well (Pozo de Jacob) is in Chincha, Peru.  At Jacob’s Well, we offer a safe shelter for teen mothers and their babies who are attempting to escape from sometimes violent and unsafe situations in their lives.  We offer these girls a safe place during their time of need, providing them with a refuge and the support that they need.  It can sometimes be extremely difficult for girls to leave their current situation because often they feel as if there is no one out there who will help them and nowhere to which they can run. Pozo de Jacob is there for exactly this reason. Not only does it provide support and a place to stay, but Jacob’s Well also offers a number of other services. We have a staff of nurses, obstetricians and educators. Each girl who comes into the home has an opportunity to finish elementary and high school, take music lessons, take cooking classes, exercise, and much more.

Jacob's Well Ministries International is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to sharing Christ with families all over the world.